About Our Kitchen

Once upon a time there was this amazing cook…

She previously owned Café Boston in Utica Square. She served the most incredible chicken salad and made the most delicious fresh cookies that were as big as your hand! She decided to start a personal chef/catering business, serving Tulsa and surrounding areas. Her clients loved her cooking so much that they were always asking her to get back into the restaurant business so she could share her love of food with everyone.

About that time along came a new corporate client. She bought the cook’s amazing food to feed her family while she was away on corporate travel. It made her feel good to know the meals could either be well-balanced and healthy or they could indulge in the family's favorite sinful delights! The corporate client also started using the cook for events and catering at her office. Everything was good with the world!

Then crisis hit. The corporate woman lost her position with her company.

What to do?

This was all she had known for the past 20 yrs. As she searched for new opportunities she thought of the cook. What if they teamed up? Created their own business? Two sides of a coin coming together to create a great restaurant.

A local place with great food, atmosphere, service and amazing people. Because in the end it is all about the people and the experience you have. Jen Lindsay and Beth Bias would love to invite you to Cherry Street Kitchen so they can share with you their dream and more of their story!

Voted in the Top 10 New Restaurants in 2017!